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Team game with Andy

TEAM GAME WITH ANDY. With this game you exercise your memory, review vocabulary and enjoy yourselves playing in a group. And the winner? who knows? The most important thing is playing! PHOTOS AND VIDEOS HERE!
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Miquel Barceló

The students of 5th EP have done a search for textures around their classrooms and corridors. It was the previous step to work more accurately in the reproduction of a work by the artist Miquel Barceló, "L'elefant dret". They have achieved these visual qualities using the technique of "frottage".
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Tommy and the talent thief

This afternoon, the students in 5th have gone to watch: Tommy and the talent thief at the theatre.It was an interactive and funny performance. In this occasion a student of our school  was on stage and participated with the main actors.   PHOTOS AND VIDEOS    
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Xarxes Socials

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