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Guanyadora concurs "Pintafruita"

La Irene Boneu de 4t A d'EP ha estat guanyadora del concurs "Pintafruita". Afrucat ha escollit aquest dibuix com a postal del Nadal vinent a Lleida. Moltíssimes felicitats! You are an artist!  
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Recycled material sculptures

Students from 5th grade have designed and built sculptures using recycled material in most of them. After drawing a sketch it is time to put pieces together, cut, stick, paint, decorate... It has been a really enjoyable activity, highly creative!
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Clown mobile

Girls and boys in 1st grade classes have done a mobile cutting out colored papers and sticking them onto the clown shape. They have drawn the face and gone through all body parts. Now it is time to hang it at their's favourite bedroom spot! Fantastic!
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Around the world Project!

Students from 2nd grade have designed and colored a t-shirt & a cap using fabric markers. They have been inspired by graffiti style, a type of street art. This activity is part of the interdisciplinary project Around the world!. It will also be the outfit for the Dance School Festival on the 3rd of June. Let's hip hop!
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