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Clown mobile

Girls and boys in 1st grade classes have done a mobile cutting out colored papers and sticking them onto the clown shape. They have drawn the face and gone through all body parts. Now it is time to hang it at their's favourite bedroom spot! Fantastic!
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Dragon Puppets 1st grade

Artists from 1st grade have created a dragon puppet for the 29th Fira de Teatre de Titelles de Lleida. They have used several materials, different techniques and tones of imagination. Some puppets will be displayed at shops at Magdalena and Carme street from the 14th of April to the 15th of May. 
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Abstract art & Jackson Pollock

First-grade students have worked Abstract art through the works of Jackson Pollock. This American artist was the inventor of the dripping technique. First, they have done different exercises with lines using colored pencils and waxes and then they have gone to the Art class and painted their own masterpiece. It was a superb experience!
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Our little zoo

The children of 1st EP have worked on drawing animals and various techniques to color them. Then they have represented their favorite one with plasticine It wa super fun, our class is a litlle zoo!
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