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LUNCH WITH ANDY. From Monday to Thursday our students from 5th EP to 4th ESO can have lunch with Andy at the canteen of the school and practise English in a natural way. They speak about different topics, they learn and they enjoy themselves at the same time. ENJOY YOUR MEAL!!! PHOTOS
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Geometry and Kandinsky

The students of 4th of EP have carried out activities related to Abstract art and the artist V. Kandinsky. They have created compositions and a "collage" with various geometric shapes. Check out how creatives our students are! 
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HITCHCOCK!  ESCORXADOR THEATRE! A wonderful way to practise English!    Our students in ESO have gone to the theatre to watch a fantastic play: HITCHCOCK!   Do you want to know what it is about? Go on reading!!!! When Hitch, a young Hollywood runner, is given the opportunity to direct a film, he gets his favourite actors Casey Grunt, Grice Keeley…
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The classrooms of 3rd A and B have seen several works by Leonardo da Vinci. After learning about the most important features of this artist's life, they have made a recreation of the Gioconda, one of the major works of art history. A colorful interpretation!  
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Xarxes Socials

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