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A debate: 4th ESO

DEBATE The students in 4th ESO had a classroom debate. Group A argued about "Compulsary reading" and group B about "Changes in society" . They talked, expressed their opinion and enjoyed themselves a lot .  Pictures?  CLICK HERE!  Soon, the video.
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Our magazine

Els alumnes de 1r d'ESO han fet la seva pròpia revista en anglès. Esperem que us agradi i us desitgem unes bones festes i feliç 2018!   Publicado por Sagrada Família Lleida en viernes, 22 de diciembre de 2017
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HITCHCOCK!  ESCORXADOR THEATRE! A wonderful way to practise English!    Our students in ESO have gone to the theatre to watch a fantastic play: HITCHCOCK!   Do you want to know what it is about? Go on reading!!!! When Hitch, a young Hollywood runner, is given the opportunity to direct a film, he gets his favourite actors Casey Grunt, Grice Keeley…
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