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Roll the dice, say a sentence in English using comparatives or superlatives and watch out!!!!

A game experience that combines friends, skill, suspense, laughter, and maybe a little luck. 

One of best game to learn a language is PLAYING & PRACTISING! 

To watch the videos and photos, click here!

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A debate: 4th ESO


The students in 4th ESO had a classroom debate. Group A argued about "Compulsary reading" and group B about "Changes in society" .

They talked, expressed their opinion and enjoyed themselves a lot .  Pictures? 

CLICK HERE!  Soon, the video.

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As a part of the GEP programme we would like to introduce you to our new English conversation assistant, Andy.

  • Conversation assistants help us in different ways: 
  • Conversation practise
  • Help with oral exams.
  • Explaining the culture of their country.
  • Stimulation of student's speaking skills.
  • Playing English games, readings, songs.
  • Help with linguistic questions.
  • Help in other subjects apart from English such as science, art, sport.
  • Preparing displays, complementary material, and conversation activities. or any other duty required by the school in order to improve the speaking ability of the student.
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